Autism Facts

All humans are equal. There is not one human superior or inferior to any other human. A man digging in the trash for his dinner has the same rights and deserves the same respect as a successful woman entrepreneur. The brain is the only difference between one human and another. Every human would be identical if our brains all functioned the same. Thankfully, brains are unique. Some brains specialize in communicating and forming relationships with others, while other brains are constructed to allow for other areas of strength. Humans have only recently discovered the importance of communication through a common language. We label the things around us in order to work together, utilizing each other’s unique strengths, accepting our inevitable challenges, and improving everyone’s lives. One word in this common language is autism. Autism is simply a noun, it is not a weakness, a defect, or a disability. Autism is a label used to categorize different human beings with common challenges. Those on the autism spectrum are not alone in this struggle. Through an understanding of autism and relentless positive action, we can work together to make the impossible possible.


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