MUST READ: How to Make Dreams Come True

1. Write down your dream on a piece of paper.

2. Draw what your life will look like when your dream comes true.

3. Recite your dream to yourself right when you wake up and right before you go to bed. Imagine yourself having already achieved the dream. Emotionally connect with your dream.

4. Work hard to make the impossible possible. You are your only limit.


Biting Nails

If you have ever bitten your nails, you are not alone.

You are not the only one yelled at, scolded, and frowned upon.

You are not the only one ignored, avoided, and discouraged.

You are not the only one feeling anxious, stressed, or bored.

I have been there too.

All it takes to stop biting your nails is a simple decision.

A personal decision.

You must explain to yourself the importance of not biting your nails.

Remind yourself of the bacteria that will not be transferred into your mouth.

The sharp moon shapes that will not litter the floor and poke your feet.

The pain of touching objects because of short and bleeding nails will disappear.

However, the decision must be made in a place of self love.

All we have in this lifetime is the body we were gifted.

We must take care of the only body we have.

Only you have control over your body.

You have the power to change any habit that you have contracted.

You have the power to change yourself.

You have the power to change the world.



WARNING: Shigella Bacteria

Shigella is a bacteria found in feces of animals and humans. If a human who has accidentally made contact with feces does not wash themselves properly, they have the ability to infect other humans with this bacteria. Symptoms of shigellosis include abdominal pain, nausea, bloody diarrhea, and a fever. After having personally experienced this disease, I remind you to please wash your hands. If you think you have contracted this infectious disease, please seek medical attention immediately.

Autism Facts

All humans are equal. There is not one human superior or inferior to any other human. A man digging in the trash for his dinner has the same rights and deserves the same respect as a successful woman entrepreneur. The brain is the only difference between one human and another. Every human would be identical if our brains all functioned the same. Thankfully, brains are unique. Some brains specialize in communicating and forming relationships with others, while other brains are constructed to allow for other areas of strength. Humans have only recently discovered the importance of communication through a common language. We label the things around us in order to work together, utilizing each other’s unique strengths, accepting our inevitable challenges, and improving everyone’s lives. One word in this common language is autism. Autism is simply a noun, it is not a weakness, a defect, or a disability. Autism is a label used to categorize different human beings with common challenges. Those on the autism spectrum are not alone in this struggle. Through an understanding of autism and relentless positive action, we can work together to make the impossible possible.

Control Your Cup of Tea

Tea is an aromatic beverage that originated in southwestern China for medical purposes. Tea is the second most widely consumed drink in the world, behind water.

There is past, present, and future.

The past is uncontrollable. The past can be irritating and annoying, or the past can be accepted. Either way, we have no way of changing what occurred in the past. For this reason, we should take off our review mirrors.

The future has yet to unfold and reveal its face. Anything can happen in the future. For this reason, the future is uncontrollable as well. The only thing that can influence the future is the accumulation of the present moments.

The present moment is an outlier of its class (consisting of the past, present, future, and their various forms.) The present moment does reveal its face. The present moment does unfold before your eyes. The present moment can be altered. For this reason, the present moment is partially controllable.

So, let’s focus on what we can control! We can control our cup of T-E-A. Our thoughts, emotions, and actions in the present moment. We brew our cup of tea with our thoughts, emotions, and actions. As the steam swirls upwards and traces its path with a white marker, the present moment is altered. If we stick negativity, worries, and other junk into our cup for brewing, the present moment is also altered. What we place in our cup to brew is what we will receive in the present moment. The accumulation of these present moments influence the future.

Our cup is our brain. What we fill our brain with will spill over and evaporate into the environment, atmosphere, and surroundings. This affects the day-to-day present moments. The accumulation of these present moments influence the future. So don’t fill your brain with pessimism, hatred, and junk. Fill your brain with love, compassion, kindness, encouragement, and flowers. These ingredients will make the best cup of tea.

Brewing a healthy cup of tea requires consistent effort. So, don’t be frustrated if the flower floating on the surface of your tea begins to wither. Deterioration also takes time and consistent effort. Try your best to provide your cup with the right ingredients, and enjoy the refreshing steam being blown back in your direction from the world around you.

How to Turn Your Dreams into Reality (MUST READ MOTIVATION)

1. Have a burning desire for change and dare to have a dream.

2. Write your dream down on a piece of paper with a pen.

3. Draw what your life would look like if you already accomplished your dream, and what you would gain, on another piece of paper.

4. Read aloud what you wrote in pen every day at least once (less than a minute out of your 1,440 provided minutes every day.)

5.  When you feel like giving up, look at your drawing. If your goal relates to avoiding certain foods, say “I can have it, but I don’t want it.”

6. Know that if your dreams were easy to accomplish, then everyone would do it. But they aren’t. Because you are not the average person. You are special. People will try to bring you down to their level to make themselves feel better. Don’t let anyone stay in your way. You need to be blind in order to be focused. Remember to follow your heart and never give up, because a river doesn’t carve its path after one, two, ten, twenty, fifty, or even a hundred attempts. A river leads by example. A river will do anything that is necessary to accomplish its dreams, despite the rocks, waves, and obstacles in its path. Your heart is your most valuable possession, and it will always be there for you. Know that everything will connect in the end, so you can avoid traveling down the well worn path and have faith in your own special journey. Go get it!